The Story so Far

Have we met?

Hi I’m Alice, the business owner and creative behind on paper! When I stepped into business 6 years ago I quickly realised the challenge and overwhelm that comes with working for yourself. And I wasn't alone - my clients and students were saying the same.

After years of experimenting with different approaches and realising that linking daily action to long term vision is at the core of business growth. Enter: The AB Method.

When I walked my clients - business owners and creatives (no matter the size or type of their business) - through The AB Method they began to smash goals and scale their businesses in sustainable and impactful ways.

Which is where on paper comes in - a way of bringing this method to business owners in an accessible and simple way.

The Name

Why on paper?

You know your business best, but it can be really tough to step outside of the daily to-do lists to see the bigger picture and prioritise working “on” it as well as “in” it.

By getting your thoughts on paper you take them out of your head, organise your ideas and begin the process of bringing them to life.

With the collections supported by practical worksheets and coaching audios, on paper will keep you accountable and organised as you grow and scale your business, your way.