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Hi I’m Alice, the entrepreneur and creative behind on paper! I’ve spent the last 6 years growing my own successful business whilst helping hundreds of others do the same.

Over the years I've been reminded that when you work for, and by yourself, managing your own progress and time is damn hard. Which is where the idea for On Paper came from - products to help you manage your time and take daily action towards your definition of success.

Founded in theory, supported with resources and flexible to suit your vision and needs, each product will bring a dose of intention right to your desk...

game changer

the daily view pad helps me feel in control of my day and get thoughts from my head and into the world

so impactful

the quarterly view planner has provided space for me to do the bigger thinking in a productive way and keep checking back and progressing on my goals

I'm obsessed

the whole range makes my weeks far more efficient and productive - I couldn't work without them now

The AB Method

Born out of 6 years spent helping business owners grow and scale, 'The AB Method' is a tried and tested approach to goal setting which helps you work towards your big dreams, without the overwhelm.

The three step approach enables you to...

1. Clarify your yearly intentions

2. Break them down into quarterly goals

3. Take daily action

Ready to implement The AB Method with ease? The full collection of products will make 2023 your most successful one yet.


designed with intention


supported by resources


flexible to suit your needs